IMG_20150501_192031_767We are an outreach of St Thomas the Apostle to all 7th and 8th grade students. The Outlet is an awesome place to get PLUGGED in. We have crazy games, real discussions about the stuff that matters most- and pizza!  Lots of pizza!

Join us to discover the God of the Universe through prayer, discussion, community, and dynamic games that reveal REAL truths about HIM..

Our goal is to challenge YOU to plug into Christ and His Body, the Church. Connected to Him and to one another, we will find real joy and the strength to be holy!

We meet two Sunday afternoons a month.  The calendar is below!  Entrance and pickup is by the school gym on Elizabeth Street.

October 2            12:30- 2:30

October 30         12:30- 2:30    

November 6       12:30- 2:30

December 4        12:30- 2:30

December 18     12:30- 2:30

January 8            12:30- 2:30

January 23          12:30- 2:30

February 5          12:30- 2:30

February 26        12:30- 2:30

March 5               12:30- 2:30

March 19            12:30- 2:30

April 2                  12:30- 2:30

May 7                  12:30- 2:30

See more about the plans for each session on EVENTS!!!! Page! 


We’re already so busy- why bother with The Outlet?

Middle school and high school are such a busy time. Yet even amidst busyness, our   schedule should be a reflection of our priorities. We need Sunday Mass every week to stay connected to the Lord Jesus and His Church. Are we making time for that? When we don’t prioritize our faith during the teen years, we can easily fall into a superficial faith life. This superficial experience of faith is such a counterfeit when compared with the abundant life God has for us! The Outlet can help you discover God personally.

Every Outlet event is purposeful- aimed at connecting teens to Christ and His Church. At The Outlet, teens are steeplesurrounded by caring adults and older teens who take their faith seriously, and are willing to help them as they grow in their faith. Together, we investigate different aspects of living our Catholic faith, like Prayer, Getting More Out of the Mass, and Seeing Ourselves as God Sees Us.

The Outlet is not just a spiritual outlet, but also a social outlet for young people! At meetings as well as social events, teens develop friendships with like-minded peers in a community of people who are striving to follow Christ’s commands! Developing friendships with teens from other schools can also help ease the transition to high school.